Waste Management Solutions

Waste Management by 707.co.uk

707 work as a partnership with companies of all sizes throughout the UK to find better waste solutions and save clients money. Their focus is on reducing waste at source, increasing recycling and ultimately reducing waste sent to landfill.

They serve both public and private organisations in many industries including: leisure, travel, services, manufacturing, building, retail, health care, education and many more.

Their service includes:

  • regular waste collections of all types of waste, including clinical and hazardous
  • full audits of each site by Account Managers
  • recycling of waste wherever possible
  • working as a partnership with the client to implement waste management policies to reduce waste at source
  • advice on current legislation requirements
  • online reporting and statistics
  • dedicated customer service team, not automated phone systems

In a bid to reduce impact on the environment, wherever possible 707 turns negative waste into a positive resource. This is all working towards 707’s aim of helping businesses achieve "zero landfill".