At 707, we are proud of the green ethos we perpetuate across our services.  Disposing of waste in environmentally damaging ways is unacceptable, something which is reflected in the increasingly stringent regulations which govern waste management.  Now, it is essential for public organisations to dispose of all their waste responsibly, recycling where possible and ensuring that specialist waste such as clinical or hazardous waste is dealt with appropriately.

It is our aim to help public bodies and organisations across the UK ensure that they are dealing with the waste they produce in the most effective and efficient way possible.  We operate a network of collection teams across the UK, ensuring that all our clients receive an efficient local service that reduces both the carbon footprint of our services and the costs of our clients.

We work with our clients in the public sector to ensure they are recycling as much of their waste as they possibly can.  In this way we target waste at its source, ensuring that decreasing amounts are committed to landfill and the environmental impact of the public organisations we work with is reduced.

In addition to the waste collection services our local teams provide, our vast experience in the waste industry allows us to offer waste management services to our clients.  The waste management services we offer include consultancy services including waste audits and reports, and expert advice on the latest waste regulations.  These services can improve efficiency, leading to significant savings over the long-term, and also ensure that our public sector clients never fall foul of changing waste regulations.  This especially important for public bodies, who find themselves subject to high levels of scrutiny due to their very nature.

We aim to offer a comprehensive service to public organisations, providing them with a service they can trust to collect all of their waste and dispose of it in a responsible way.  Call our friendly customer care team today with any inquiries you may have about our service.  We can offer you a free assessment of your current waste services.