Public Sector

We work with public sector organisations to help them dispose of all their waste in an environmentally friendly manner, prioritising recycling over landfill at all times.


Our waste management and collection service can help public sector organisations across Britain achieve significant savings on their waste disposal costs. We work towards a zero landfill waste policy, and can offer expert advice to all of our clients in the public sector.

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Eliminating landfill through reducing waste at source, recycling and utilising new technologies

Our Waste Services

Here at 707, we offer a wide range of waste services to our clients within the public sector. Our service can help our clients dispose of all their waste, from hospitals looking to dispose of clinical waste to local authorities needing to offload general waste and recyclables.

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Our Bins & Containers

The bins and containers we provide to our clients in the public sector are of the highest quality. We can provide a range of options
to our clients, from two-wheeled bins
to large front-end and rear-end
loaders suitable for large
volumes of waste.

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