Who we work with

We work with a multitude of clients across the corporate sector in Britain, many of whom provide different services.  Ultimately, our high levels of expertise in the waste industry allow us to deal with all types of waste in a safe and efficient way.  This means that our flexible service possesses the capability to partner with a wide-range of clients in the corporate sector to provide them the corporate waste services they need.

Here is an overview of the clients we work with in the commercial sector:

Hospitality and leisure

If you work in the hospitality and leisure sector then our waste collection and management services can help you deal with your waste needs.  Our waste services can help you dispose of your waste in an environmentally conscious way.  We help our clients recycle all the waste they can efficiently, ensuring that zero waste is sent to landfill unnecessarily.

In addition to our green ethos and focus on recycling waste, we can also help clients in the hospitality and leisure sector deal with any specialist waste they produce such as hazardous waste.



Often, much of the waste created in the healthcare sector must be dealt with in accordance with specific legislation to ensure it is disposed of safely and responsibly.  We operate a network of local collection teams who are vastly experienced in the waste industry, and can ensure that clients in the healthcare sector receive a professional service they can trust.

We collect all types of waste, including clinical waste, and also provide washroom services.  Our service is one that our clients trust, with all of the waste we collect is disposed of responsibly in accordance with Duty of Care regulations.


Food and beverage manufacture

If you work in food and beverage manufacture and need a waste collection service to take care of the waste you produce then we can help.  We work with clients across the UK to provide a waste collection service driven by a green ethos.

We work with collection teams local to you, reducing our carbon footprint, to provide comprehensive waste collections.  Our food waste collection services are ideal for clients in the food and beverage industry, and we can also offer you full site audits to help improve the efficiency of your waste management.


Construction and demolition

Our waste collection service can provide clients in the construction and demolition sector with everything they need.  We can provide a range of quality containers in which to store large volumes of waste, and our collection services can collect all types of waste.

We work to recycle all the waste we possibly can ,and our integrated approach to waste collection and recycling can help you ensure that you are not needlessly dumping recyclable waste into landfill sites.  Waste audits are also available as part of our waste management services, as well as expert advice on the latest waste regulations.

Facilities and property management

We provide comprehensive waste collection services for clients in the facilities and property management sector.  Our local collection teams provide an efficient and low-cost service to our clients, ensuring they minimise their waste costs while still enjoying confidence in the knowledge their waste is being disposed of in a safe and responsible way.

In addition to the waste collection services we provide our clients in the facilities and property management sector, we also offer expert waste management services to help improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of your company.



The retail industry is a significant contributor to waste levels in the UK, and that is why our service is here to help.  We work with clients in the retail sector to minimise the waste they produce at source, focusing our efforts on recycling the maximum possible amount of waste.

Inspired by our green ethos, we strive towards a situation where we have zero waste being dumped in landfill sites.  Our professional services help clients in the retail sector recycle their waste with ease, decreasing costs the themselves and to the environment.



Clients in the automotive industry need a service that can take care of their waste.  At 707, we can provide that service.  Our comprehensive waste collection service can deal with all types of waste, from recyclables to general waste and hazardous waste.

We are ISO 9001 14001 accredited and can offer you account-managed services to take care of the particular needs of your company.  So if you work in the automotive sector and are looking for a professional and reliable waste collection service with a green ethos, we can help.



The waste collection services we offer at 707 can help clients in the pharmaceutical sector responsibly dispose of the waste they produce. The clinical and hazardous waste which is produced by pharmaceutical companies needs to be dealt with in a specialist manner, it canot simply be thrown out.

Our professional service ensures that all pharmaceutical waste is collected and disposed of in accordance with the relevant regulations, ensuring at all times that the waste is dealt with safely so as not to pose any sort of risk to the environment or public health.


Financial services

We work with clients in the financial services to provide them with top-quality waste collection and management services they can rely on.  The services we offer are tailored to the needs of our clients, so we can collect waste when they need to ensure they always have it under control.

Whatever types of waste your company produces, our local collection teams can collect it as part of a highly-efficient and cost-effective service.  Our waste experts can also offer consultancy services to help our clients in the financial service sector deal with their waste in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.