We have vast experience of working with corporate clients and are well aware that large companies produce both considerable volumes of waste and an extensive range of different types of waste.  That is why at 707 we offer a service which is capable of dealing with all types of waste, allowing our clients to rely on us to take care of all their waste collection and management needs.

With a focus on minimising the amount of waste which needs to be committed to landfill sites, we work with our corporate clients to help them minimise the volumes of waste they produce at source.  We are experts in the waste industry and work to help our clients recycle as much of their waste as possible in an efficient manner.  In addition to the general waste collection and recycling services our service offers, we can also offer specialist collection services to deal with a wide-variety of other types of waste.  A full overview of these services is displayed below, and includes hazardous waste collections, clinical waste collections and glass bottle recycling services.