Corporate Clients

707 work as a partnership with companies of all sizes throughout the UK to find better waste solutions and save clients money. Their focus is on reducing waste at source, increasing recycling and ultimately reducing waste sent to landfill.


707 Resource Management offers a brand new concept in waste management services - saving corporate clients both time and money and reducing the negative impact on the environment by turning waste into a resource.

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Eliminating landfill through reducing waste at source, recycling and utilising new technologies

Our Waste Services

At 707, we work with many corporate clients to ensure that their waste management concerns are dealt with. Our professional service can provide ideal solutions for companies looking to dispose large volumes of waste.

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Our Bins & Containers

We can supply our corporate clients with a range of bins and containers in which they can hygienically store their waste.
As part of our service, we can provide
front-end loaders, rear-end loaders
and commercial wheelie bins
to help you with waste storage.

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