What We Can Collect?

Clinical Waste

We work with a great number of medical and health organisation across the UK, ensuring that all of their clinical waste is collected and disposed of as part of a highly-professional and efficient service.

Clinical waste is governed by stringent regulations as it can have the potential to cause harm to both people and animals if it is not disposed of responsibly. At 707, our local networks of waste collection teams are vastly experience and can ensure that your clinical waste is dealt with professionally and cautiously, ensuring that it is disposed of in accordance with the latest regulations.

We can offer services to collect clinical waste from small dental surgeries across the country, and we can also collect from from large clients such as hospitals. Whatever the volumes of clinical waste you need collecting, be they smaller volumes from medical centres and dentists, or very large volumes from densely populated infirmaries, we have a service that can make sure your clinical waste collection needs are comprehensively met.

If you company needs to dispose of bandages, needles, syringes or other sharp clinical instruments, pharmaceutical products or tissue of any kind, we can offer a highly-professional clinical waste collection service for you.


Our Clinical Waste Bins & Containers

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