What We Can Collect?

At 707 we can collect all types of waste from businesses and commercial organisations across the UK. We know that disposing of the waste they create is not the area on which businesses owners want to spend the majority of their time. Instead, they want to work with a waste collection and management service that can offer them the guarantee that their waste, no matter what it constitutes, will be collected on time and disposed of in a responsible way, ensuring at all times that Duty of Care regulations are adhered to.

Therefore, what we can offer our clients is a comprehensive waste collection service that can collect all types of waste and recyclables. We work with all types of clients, from health organisations in the public sector to small businesses and a whole host of others. So from food waste to e-waste, hazardous waste to clinical waste and general waste to recyclables, we can collect and dispose of all the waste that your business or commercial organisation produces.
Just tell us how frequently you need your waste collecting and we will provide you with a service to meet your requirements. We can help you tackle waste at source, reducing the initial amounts you need collecting, and our recycling services can help you turn your waste in an opportunity, rather than just something which will be stuffed into environmentally damaging landfill sites.

Call our customer care team today to find out more about how our comprehensive waste collection services can benefit your business. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any inquiries you may have.