Our Service Cover

At 707 we provide a comprehensive nationwide service, covering the whole of England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We made a conscious decision at the outset not to put more vehicles on the road. This, after all, would only serve to counter our environmentally friendly aims. Instead, we work with trusted ‘local to client’ suppliers for our waste collections. With local suppliers positioned all across the UK, we are able to provide a service which excels in terms of efficiency, keeping costs down and environmental impact to a minimum. The result is a highly-professional national service across a number of local networks, keeping everyone’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

The coverage and service we provide is second to none. We can offer collections to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need daily waste collections or a weekly service, we can be there for you 24 hours a day to make sure you get the service you need at a price that you can afford. All of the waste we collect is disposed of in accordance with Duty of Care regulations, and we work to ensure our clients recycle as much of their waste as possible, minimising the volume of waste which must be committed to landfill.

Administration is handled from 707’s head office in West Yorkshire, where all enquiries are dealt with promptly and efficiently by the customer services department. We know that our clients don’t want to deal with automated messages, so we ensure that all our calls are handled by our helpful and knowledgeable customer care team.

So wherever you are in the UK, do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you tackle you waste disposal needs. We can offer you a free no-obligation quote on our waste services, be they collection, management or recycling.