How We Work With You

Considering waste in many cases to be a reusable resource, 707 researches latest innovations of how waste products can be given a new lease of life. Their focus is on eliminating landfill through reducing waste at source, recycling and utilising new technologies. It’s an unusual and refreshing technique – advising clients how to, in some cases, cut out the need for waste management services.

In the first instance, a 707 consultant will analyse the potential client’s business, in whatever sector, and assess the best ways of handling waste, both for the client’s budget and for the environment. Their ‘can do’ attitude sees them utilise a diverse range of solutions and offer flexible client packages. Services, payment structures and contracting procedures are totally flexible to suit each business. With a fair and clear pricing structure and annual review, rates are based on contract performance and requirements as well as industry legislation and inflation.

The client has a single point of contact for all waste management requirements and a sophisticated online waste tracking system. They have full access to their account details and collection information, while being blissfully free of having to liaise with numerous waste collection companies.