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More About Kent

Kent is unlike any other county and is known as ‘The Garden of England’, with good reason considering its beautiful landscapes of trailing coastline, rolling hills and luscious fields of green. From air, Kent is spectacular, with castles and cathedrals, vineyards and cliffs dominating the view and giving you a taste of what the county has to offer with your feet on terra firma.
Rich in culture and history, a visit to Kent can be filled with activities to suit all ages and tastes so take a look at our ‘Things To Do in Kent’ page for some inspiration, we’re sure that you will find some brilliant ways to spend your time. It’s also a popular place to live, with tourists and residents mingling on the cobbled streets or in the modern restaurants and shopping complexes making for a vibrant place to be.
With its awe-inspiring and World Heritage-listed cathedral, Canterbury is a popular city for those wishing to embrace the mixed atmosphere of Chaucer’s Tales and vibrant, contemporary shops and bars. Where pilgrams once flocked, tourists tread the ancient alleyways to soak up everything that Canterbury has to offer.
The famous White Cliffs of Dover adorn parts of the coastline leading over to France and have a special place in British history, having served as a national defence during both World Wars. They also house various beautiful and unusual plants and insects so make the perfect retreat for nature enthusiasts.
Many residents of the county work in nearby London, getting the best of both worlds with good transport links into the city from the more peaceful residential life that Kent offers. Business is strong in Kent too, however, with many self-made millionaires having made their fortunes in the county and an annual MegaGrowth 50 table celebrates the best and fastest-growing businesses in the area, showcasing the success of wonderful companies.
Many of the cities and towns have seen big growth since the World Wars, with influxes of residents moving from London and therefore 21st century houses have been added to the Victorian and period homes of days gone by. With excellent transport links throughout the county, you can choose between country and city living and find amenities easily accessible from wherever you lay your hat.
An excellent university also means that the next generation of graduates are studying in Kent, ready to build upon their degrees and carve out fantastic careers in their chosen direction. Many graduates will stay in the area once they complete their studies, ensuring that Kent will continue to grow and develop with new talent coming into the area.
707 is proud to be growing our presence in this great county and we are looking forward to a fantastic lasting relationship with local companies. Find out more about our work in Kent here and get in touch if you are a local business, we would love to work with you and help you to reduce your waste management costs by providing personalised and efficient solutions.