Essex Coverage

Our service provides coverage for clients across the whole of the UK, working to collect and dispose of their waste efficiently and responsibly.


At 707, we offer our clients across Essex a highly-professional service that they  can rely on to collect all of the waste they produce and dispose of it in accordance with duty of care regulations.

Waste management is an essential part of any business, be it a small local business or a large public organisations.  We work with companies and organisations across Essex to ensure that they dispose of their waste in responsible ways, complying with the latest legislation and protecting the environment from unnecessary damage.

Our ultimate aim to to achieve a situation where we send zero waste to landfill, and we utilise the latest technology and processes as we strive towards that end.  The clients we work with benefit from full audits conducted by dedicated account managers, and we work to help reduce their waste volumes at source.  In doing so, we help our clients reduce their costs and cultivate a greener approach to dealing with their waste.

We can collect all types of waste.  As such, we work with hospitals to help dispose of their clinical waste, companies in the print industry to help they recycle vast quantities of their waste, and many other bodies both in the public and private sector.  Our green ethos underlines everything we do, and we only accept landfill as a last resort.  If your waste can be recycled, we will ensure that it is.

We are proud of the efficient collection service we provide to all our clients.  Whether you need daily collections or weekly collections, our teams local to you can ensure that all of your waste concerns are taken care of.  Online reports and statistics are available for our clients to access, ensuring that our service is transparent and our collections always on time.

So call our friendly customer care team today for a free quote on our services.  We aim to enter long-term partnerships with our clients based on a strong understanding as part of an honest and open professional relationship.