Why Choose 707?


707’s systems may be state-of-the-art but the customer service is seriously old-fashioned.

707 aims to offer a personalised service to the customer and his or her business, with a full understanding of individual requirements. Customers will always be able to speak to a real person; never subjected to an automated phone system.

Each company will be assigned its own account manager, who will provide a free audit twice a year (upon request) to assess whether the service received can be further improved.


Every penny counts and companies who hope to survive through difficult times are constantly on the look out for ways of cutting costs.

707 puts the spotlight on waste – some of which can be utilised as a resource. 707’s mission is to cut waste costs for all its clients. The first step toward this is often advising on how waste can be minimised in the first place. If there’s less to deal with, there’s less to charge for.


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707 continually invests in the best systems and latest technology. They have recently launched web-based reporting and account management through their online portal.

Paperless invoicing, direct debit payment facilities, and easy-to-understand billing and reporting are all included in 707’s package. By the end of Spring 2017┬ácustomers will be able to view invoices, waste audit reports and customer service reports online.


Using only the best local transport providers, 707 offers services on schedule or on demand.

These smaller, local providers based throughout the UK offer greater flexibility; quick to react to customer’s changing needs such as emergency and one-off collections.

Local to the client’s site, petrol consumption and therefore running costs can be minimised – along with any carbon footprint.