How To Reuse Plastic Tubs

1st October 2015

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Remember when the family or office’s christmas sweets came in a tin? One that can generally be recycled with ease? Sadly some manufacturers now use hard plastic tubs and many areas do not offer recycling facilities for them so instead of discarding them as landfill fodder take a look at what else you could use them for once the last of the sweets has been enjoyed.

Small office items such as elastic bands and paperclips can be like gold dust, so reusing plastic tubs is a great way to keep them stored and whenever someone finds an unwanted paperclip or the postman has left bands around the place, they can be popped in the tub ready for the next person who needs one. Smaller containers could make great desk tidies too.

Whilst obviously it is crucial that hazardous products are stored correctly as per COSHH guidelines, spare cloths and rags can go into plastic tubs and if you have a team of cleaning staff, they could each have one in their supplies so that they always know where their cloths are. Got a communal staff kitchen? Keep washing up sponges in them by the sink to make sure the area remains neat and tidy.

If you work with children or have a plastic tub to take home then small toys such as building bricks, figurines and craft supplies can often go amiss with their original packaging often not suitable for reusing. You can do an art activity with the children to create labels for each tub to show what is being stored inside and prevent the pain of treading on a small plastic building brick!


Large tubs such as those your sweets come in make great storage tubs for cakes and other food, which is really handy if you’re throwing a staff member a leaving party or doing a charity cake sale, once washed out thoroughly. You could also fill them with fruit each day to encourage healthy eating habits, especially in the post-Christmas period when everyone has rather over indulged!

It is so important to think hard about how you could reuse items before you throw them away. For expert advice call 707 Resource Management and we can help you to create better waste management habits within your company.

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