Zero Waste Week 2015 – What Can You Do?

7th September 2015

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This week is Zero Waste Week in the UK and we are bursting with ideas for your business and household to get involved and work towards sending no waste whatsoever to landfill.

Whatever industry you are in, you can achieve goals of at least reducing your general waste levels, but first you need to evaluate your business’ habits and systems to determine where things could be changed or improved upon. We can help out by conducting a waste audit, which will tell you if waste is being disposed of incorrectly or what more you can do. This will also save you money in the long run, due to fewer general waste collections and thus less money being spent on collection services and its associated landfill tax expense.

What can you do? If you work in an office, or realistically anywhere in which people write things on paper, then use scrap paper and make scrap notebooks for jotting down notes instead of throwing that paper straight in the bin. Every space used up? Then make sure the paper goes into the correct recycling bin to be made into new notepads! Other products that can be reused are water bottles instead of using disposable cups, using empty tins and jars for storage pots, leftover food being made into tasty new recipes and old clothing or textiles make great cleaning cloths.

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Why throw things away when you can reuse them? If you have a team building day coming up then make an upcycling challenge and see which team can create the best product using materials and items you would otherwise dispose of, such as textiles, CDs, scrap metal and cardboard boxes. Your staff may initially seem uncertain, but there are some brilliant and beautiful upcycled product ideas around and for an extra way to help a charity, why not sell the products to raise money?

There are loads of ways in which every single one of us can do more in reducing the amount of waste unnecessarily being sent to landfill. For even more advice and ideas, have a chat to one of our expert teams in your area today.

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