Top 5 Ways To Keep Warm Without Wasting Energy

24th September 2015

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Autumn may only just have arrived, but for many of us there has been a distinct chill in the air for a little while now and there is a huge temptation to whack up the thermostat and have your workplace or household central heating on a lot of the time. Whilst doing so will obviously make you warmer, it will cost you in gas, electricity or oil bills so here at 707 Resource Management we are getting our thinking caps on to come up with simple and cost-effective ways to keep warm without wasting energy as the cold weather draws in.

  1. Open your curtains and blinds first thing in the morning to allow sun to shine in. Even if it’s cold outside, any sunshine will help to heat the rooms in your home or office. At work, if you have cleaners or security guards who are on shift early, ask them to make sure blind are open ready for that low autumnal sun to flood in.
  2. Sticking with windows, make sure that yours haven’t got cracks around the frames and seals. Heat can escape and cold air can get in, so make sure your windows are maintained and get a handyman in to re-seal the, if necessary.
  3. If you have a controllable thermostat then make sure that you use it to keep heating that you do use at a regular temperature. For many people, workplaces that have cold air conditioning pumping through in the summer and 25 degree heating in the winter are a huge bugbear and staff who are too hot or too cold won’t be as productive so keep it regulated.
  4. Layer up! Do your staff have a uniform? If so then company jumpers or fleeces are a great way to keep everyone warm. If people wear their own clothes, perhaps posters suggesting that they wear layers (along with our other handy tips!) will help encourage them to pop a cardie on instead of turning the heating up.
  5. Drinking hot drinks will have the logical effect of keeping you warm. It doesn’t have to be caffeine-fuelled ones either, how about trying some leftovers soup to serve in the canteen or providing hot water and lemon or herbal teas?


These are just 5 of the many simple and useful ways to keep warm without wasting energy this autumn and winter.

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