Should You Challenge Litterbugs?

17th September 2015

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If you asked every single person in this country whether they should drop litter, it’s most likely that the answer will be a resounding no, so if people are aware that it’s not something that should be done then why do we still see streets strewn with rubbish and what can we do about it?

If you’re eating a sandwich out and about and you go to put it in the bin but mis-aim and it lands on the ground, what do you do? Well hopefully you bend down, pick it up and aim better to get it into the bin! What about if you see someone else whose wrapper ends up on the ground and you can see that they’ve seen it yet they carry on walking? Or those who don’t even look for a bin in the first place? Would you and should you confront the litterbugs?


According to a recent YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, only 25% of those questioned would confront someone who was dropping litter, with 80% of those who wouldn’t, fearing an argument or violence. That said, from those┬ápeople who did approach a litterbug, more were met with the offender then picking their rubbish up than were met with aggression in some form so the statistics would possibly suggest that by bringing a person’s negative behaviour to their attention, you’re quite likely to be making a positive impact.

Litter is everywhere, from the streets to roadsides, ponds and lakes to play parks, even when there are bins in clear view. You may remember the ‘shouting CCTV cameras‘ that were introduced back in 2007 to tell people off for dropping litter or behaving in an antisocial manner, do you think that things like this should be commonplace or is it a step too far for our every action being monitored? It’s a very difficult balance because litter can have catastrophic effects upon wildlife, the atmosphere and sometimes even human health, plus the cost of picking litter up could be spent elsewhere if people used bins correctly.

You can encourage positive habits in the workplace by having clearly-marked bins for the different types of waste that your company produces. Education is key and we can supply all sorts of bins so that your staff are fully aware of how important good waste management is.

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