Safe Disposal of Gas Cylinders

1st September 2015

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Gas cylinders are commonly used in household, business and leisure, but disposing of them incorrectly can lead to real dangers so it is important to know that the job is being done properly. Storage of gas cylinders needs to be safe and a part of that is in storing as few cylinders at a time as you can, not stacking them up and use any available safety caps. It is important to acknowledge that even an ’empty’ gas cylinder or bottle can still contain traces of gas and as such, is still a potential explosion risk if handled incorrectly.

Generally speaking, gas cylinders are essentially rented to the user by the gas supply companies and are then returned to the owners once they have been used. That said, many still end up at disposal sites and it is crucial that waste management services companies take correct steps to ensure that they are treated properly. If crushed, knocked or opened near other gasses or flame, there is a serious risk of explosion or other harm so waste facility centres need to store them correctly, use the identifying marks on the cylinders to locate the correct owner and contact them to arrange collection.


As with other types of high-risk or hazardous waste, the correct handling of these products is of the upmost importance to the health of people and the environment because even small amounts of gas leaking out can have really catastrophic effects. The Health and Safety Executive have a full guide to orphaned gas cylinders in the waste and recycling industries which is very informative and gives up-to-date legislation to assist waste management companies and gas cylinder users alike.

Here at 707 Resource Management we take the law very seriously and we keep abreast of all changes in legislation to ensure that our practices are not only using the highest possible technological advances, but are working to the most up to date legislation in the industry so you can be sure that the work we do for you will always be the absolute best service available. Whatever your waste management service needs, we can provide you with fantastic service at a great price so get in touch today.

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