How To Reuse Your Waste

15th September 2015

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There are loads of ways in which you can reuse unwanted items instead of just throwing them away. Simple, effective methods of reusing products can save you loads of money through both reduced waste management costs and in you not needed to buy as many new products because you’re making them yourself!

You average, simple memo/jot pad will set you back at least £2.00 for somewhere between 50-100 sheets, so why not reuse the paper your office or workplace is producing instead? When one side of a sheet of scrap paper is still blank, cut it into half or a quarted and staple or stack several together to make easy note pads for your staff. They can always have more sturdy or fashionable options for important meetings, but these are great for jotting down messages and notes when on the phone or just memos to yourself. and you’ll save a lot of money.

Got some unwanted electrical equipment, batteries or ink cartridges? Don’t throw them away, donate them to charities instead and reduce your costs whilst helping a charity to boost their funds. There are loads of options for collection of different products, including going directly through charity websites or looking for information on the Recycle Now website.

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We have told you before about fantastic ways in which you can use food scraps in delicious new recipes and a great amount of food waste can also be used on compost heaps, perfect if you have a workplace garden! Unwanted tins and boxes of food can also be donated to local food banks so again, you’re helping charities and those in need as well as reducing your waste costs.

Upcycling fabrics, bottles, cans and all sorts of different products can lead to lovely new furniture, clocks and even clothes which you could always sell or donate. Get your staff members’ creative juices flowing by setting the challenge of designing the best upcycled product for a team building exercise and we bet they’ll love it.

There are loads of ways in which you can reuse your waste instead of throwing it away. A little bit of forward thinking can lead to really positive changes so see what you can do today.

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