How To Reduce Waste Management Costs

4th September 2015

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With companies spending large amounts of their budget on waste management, we’re sure every manager or business owner out there would like to reduce their costs. Want to hear the good news? You can reduce them with some simple steps to make your waste management more efficient.

It’s all too easy to fall into negative habits such as disposing of rubbish incorrectly, not having the correct bins for the waste your company produces or not looking around to see whether the services you have in place could be provided for better value for money elsewhere. Here at 707 Resource Management we can provide locally-sourced services across the UK using drivers and providers who are local to you. This means that not only is the cost to you less because we’re not travelling all over the country from a central depot, but it’s also helping the environment by not putting extra trucks on the country’s roads.


When you decide to use 707 for your waste management needs, your dedicated case manager will look at your current systems and what can be changed or improved upon in order to save you money. From waste audits to identify where waste is being disposed of incorrectly to personalised collection services that meet the needs of your business, we will ensure that every aspect of your contract with us is tailored to your company.

How does this save you money? Well, for starters all waste sent to landfill is subject to landfill taxes, which recently rose and are likely to again in the near future. This means that the less rubbish your company is sending to landfill, the lower the tax fees will be. Conducting a waste audit to ensure that staff are using the correct bins and providing recycling bins to encourage better habits will make a huge difference.

We can also talk to you about how to reuse different types of waste so that you don’t even need us to manage it for you. From food scrap recipes to upcycling to make new items for the office, we’re full of ideas!

Waste management doesn’t have to be time consuming or cost the earth – financially and environmentally – so get in touch today.

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