Why is the Food Waste Pile Growing?

17th August 2015

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Food waste is a real problem, not just in this country but the world over. If left, food releases high amounts of methane which is a dangerous greenhouse gas and can have devastating effects upon the environment. With a lot of scientific evidence surrounded the need for us to curb our greenhouse gas emissions and plenty of media coverage surrounding the topic for a number of years, why then is so much food still being thrown away? A recent study indicates that across the European Union a whopping 22 million tons of food is thrown away every single year and the UK is the worst offender, throwing away 153kg of food per year in contrast with Romania, where the equivalent of a single apple per person per day is discarded.

We have given you ways in which you can reduce your company’s food waste as well as some fantastic recipes to try using food scraps, so the proof is there that there are really simple steps that every single person can make in order to reduce the amount of food that they are sending to landfill, both in the home and workplace. With suggestions being made that companies could be fined for throwing too much away in general waste and sending refuse to landfill unnecessarily, now really is the time to put improved waste management plans in place and make a difference.

We know that you are busy and we know that sometimes it feels just s easy and convenient to chuck food into the general waste bin and be done with it, but the consequences of doing so are that you are essentially burning money in the additional costs of your waste collection companies because of landfill taxes and you are also causing harm to the environment with the delicate balance of our planet’s system being put under a lot of strain and causing potentially catastrophic impacts for future generations.


We can help you to better manage your company’s systems and will work with you to create a waste management plan that is simple, effective and will save you money. It’s a win-win for your business and for the environment so get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

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