Recycling Street Debris

3rd August 2015

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In  2012, the Environment Agency decreed that swept-up leaves could no longer be composted as previously done due to fears about high levels of contaminants. Local authorities were left with difficult decisions which often meant either sending leaf litter to landfill or shipping it abroad to be processed, which costs money and is bad for the environment by putting extra vehicles on the road and in the air to transport the debris.

In Oxfordshire, a new recycling plant has been built which will sort through the street debris and organise it by type and size. The result of this is that sand and larger aggregates can be sold to the building trade and any sludge-like materials can be used in land restoration, vastly reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill unnecessarily. A giant magnet will first sift out any metallic objects and clean water will also be extracted.

street sweeper

Once the plant is fully operational, it will be able to sort through a very impressive 10 tonnes of street sweepings every single hour, giving it the capacity to take in materials from all over the region to be sorted.

Next time you see a street sweeper in Oxfordshire, it’s good to know that the things being swept up won’t just be dumped at a landfill, but will go on to produce useful materials for the building trade. As more local authorities find new ways to deal with public waste, the positive impact on the environment will grow and grow, saving public money as well as making our world a healthier one to live in. New technology and innovative thinking is the key to creating a greener and more sustainable future for the United Kingdom and the world as a whole, so it’s really good to see these sorts of things happening.

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