How To Reduce Hazardous Waste

21st August 2015

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Most industries will throw away some sort of hazardous waste, although some such as medical businesses obviously have a lot more to dispose of. Whether it’s cleaning products, medical supplies, pesticides or paint, these all contain toxins and need to be disposed of correctly if you are to avoid them potentially causing harm to people, animals and the environment. Generally, that also means that they cannot be reused or recycled so they end up in landfill.

Whilst a doctor surgery, veterinary clinic or care home are not going to be able to stop using certain products that constitute hazardous waste, there are things that most businesses can substitute, making their workplace much safer and stopping harmful waste from being put out into the environment.

Cleaning products are notoriously harmful, one look at the scary skulls, crosses or fires printed on their warning labels will tell you that. Readily-available household products can replace many cleaning solutions. Vinegar, baking soda, soda crystals, lemon juice and many other simple, everyday products produce fantastic cleaning effects on all surfaces and won’t cause safety issues.


If your workplace has a garden, there are ways to control pests without the use of chemicals. Some crops are being developed which are disease-resistant and you can also plant natural pest controllers such as onions and garlic or sprinkle egg shells around your borders which helps stop slugs getting on to your plants. You can also put vulnerable plants next to those that attract natural predators such as dill, fennel, dandelion and English lavender. There are loads of helpful guides online to organic gardening techniques so go and have a look.

Other simple substitutions are using water-based paint instead of oil-based, allowing as much natural light as possible in to reduce the number of light bulbs being used (they contain mercury) and using pump dispensers in place of aerosols where possible.

Conducting a waste audit can help you to see where changes can be made. We provide a comprehensive auditing service and will tailor our advice and waste services to the needs of your business, so speak to our expert team today to see how we can help.

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