How To Maintain Good Air Quality

7th August 2015

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Isn’t it lovely after a hard day or week at work to step outside, take a deep breath and inhale the fresh air? Your lungs and mood are instantly lifted! Would it be the same if that air was full of toxins, dangerous pollutants that could cause your health real risks? We don’t think so. There are pollutants in the air of even the greenest nations, but there are simple things that every one of us can do to improve air quality and keep those lovely walks in the park or trips to the seaside as fantastic and healthy as possible.

If your business emits smoke at all, you should ensure that it doesn’t fall under the category ‘dark smoke’, otherwise you could be breaking the law. You will generally need a permit for generators and furnaces being used for commercial use and these can be applied for through the Environment Agency.

Your staff can walk, cycle or use buses or trains instead of cars to get to work, and you could look at setting up a car share scheme for those who cannot use other means of transport and live close to one another. All of these things will help to reduce the amount of air pollution being released on the roads and for those who walk or cycle, they will get the additional health benefits too.

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Turning off computers, TV screens, lights and other equipment when not in use saves money and also stops additional carbon dioxide from being pumped into the atmosphere, you can read more about our energy saving tips here and there are loads of other ways to reduce your energy waste too.

Recycling, composting, reusing and upcycling will all go towards stopping waste unnecessarily being sent to landfill and again, there will be cost savings too as well as the knowledge that you are preventing additional trucks from being on the road and waste at landfill releasing dangerous greenhouse gasses.

Part of what makes Britain great is that the air is clean, so by working together and being waste-smart, we can keep it that way for our future generations.


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