Does the UK Need New Waste Management Laws?

13th August 2015

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In 2010, the government announced a goal of being ‘the greenest government ever’ and with the target of achieving 50% recycling rates by 2020 drawing ever nearer, the UK, and England specifically, is falling short of reaching that goal.

It has recently been announced by Business Secretary Sajid Javid that he will cut red tape surrounding business waste management, resulting in an estimated £10 billion saving over the next five years in regulatory costs. What does this mean for businesses? Well the plans will give waste management companies such as 707 Resource Management more of a voice to say which regulations are holding the industry back from improving their services. This will mean that, in theory, new technologies and ideas could be more widely embraced and adopted which in turn could result in us being able to pass the benefits on to our customers. I think we would all like to see less waste going to landfill, wouldn’t we?

Companies in the waste management sector are being invited to have their say through the government’s Cutting Red Tape review website and we would urge anyone in a relevant industry to embrace this chance to have your say.

Teamwork and team spirit

Other suggestions being spoken about within the industry are fines for businesses who don’t recycle or reuse products, sending them to landfill instead, as well as tax breaks for businesses to set up adequate services and provisions on their premises. With new technology increasingly available for the recycling of previously discarded products such as leaf debris and foil laminate, the options and opportunities are there for households and companies alike to reduce their general waste, increase their recycling rates and create a greener country for us all to live in.

At 707 Resource Management, we are keen to help your business to cut waste rates and waste management costs. Through waste audits, management plans, suitable bins and a personalised service we believe that we can make a difference so give our expert team a call today and see how we can help. We can provide every level of service that you company will need, all to the highest quality and specifically designed to suit the way your business runs.

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