The Link Between Waste Health Problems

13th July 2015

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With a heightened awareness of the danger of greenhouses gasses being released into the environment and causing an expanding hole in the ozone layer, we are all to aware that the future prospects for our planet won’t be too good unless we act now. What about the impact that bad waste management can have on public health in the here and now, though? Can poor refuse deposits lead to health problems?

Water is essential for life and in developed countries such as the UK, we fortunately have excellent water treatment facilities which make water-borne diseases very uncommon. However, many countries worldwide do not have the same kind of processes for filtering and improving the quality of water. Chemicals used in factories, on farms and other industries can pollute groundwater making it toxic for human consumption and the improper disposal of animal waste can have the same effect. Water-borne diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Paratyphoid Fever, Dysentery, Jaundice, Amoebiasis and Malaria can all be limited by good water treatment systems, but yet they still exist and people are dying so if the water cannot be treated, people will continue to die.


Have you ever thought about what you do with your unwanted or broken electrical equipment? Toxic chemicals can be released if electrical goods are not disposed of properly, this can also be fatal to humans so correct collection and disposal is essential. 707 have excellent collection services available to take your broken equipment away so give us a call if you want to be sure of a expert service.Sharps Container - clinical waste disposal

Medical and hazardous waste bring a lot of potential danger, from contaminated needles to bandages carrying disease, the correct disposal of these items is absolutely critical and we can provide your company with everything you need to ensure safe, hygienic and correct disposal and collection of hazardous waste.

Whatever industry you are in, whatever type of waste your company produces, we at 707 Resource Management take health and safety very seriously. We work with local experts in your area to provide the best possible collection services and when you phone us, you will be speaking to people who understand your needs and will give you accurate and useful information. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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