Reducing Energy Waste

16th July 2015

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The word ‘waste’ brings thoughts of landfills, rubbish bins and discarded food scraps, but efficient energy consumption is just as important as any other type of waste management in helping the environment and saving money. Now, here at 707 Resource Management we can supply your company with bins and collection services for all types of physical waste, but energy is a different matter and the emphasis really is on employees and employers to ensure that only necessary energy is being used. The wasted energy may not go into a bin and be taken to landfill, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t create problems in other ways.

A computer which is left on every day will burn through a huge £150 (approximately) of electricity and release 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. One computer. How many do you have in your company? Even a small office of 10 people could potentially be costing the company £1500 in electricity and pumping 15 tonnes of Co2 out so switch your computers off when they are not in use, save money and help protect the environment.

Ever walk passed shop windows on a night out and see glowing lights in their displays even when the shop has been closed since 5pm and won’t reopen until 9am? In France, a law was passed in 2011 forcing businesses to turn their lights off overnight and the estimated saving of this law in UK terms would be £842.24m and 250,000 tonnes of Co2. Think that your one shop won’t make a difference? It will and if you can speak to other local businesses to encourage an entire high street or retail park to do the same then the cost and environmental savings just get bigger and bigger.

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The government have the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme to incentivise energy efficiency. The scheme is part of their long-term aim to reduce UK carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Find out more here and see whether your business can apply.

Energy waste is an issue yet simple steps can be taken to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and become more efficient with its energy usage. It only takes computers and lights to be switched off and intelligent heating controls to ensure that energy is only being used when necessary yet the positive impacts of these changes are huge.

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