How Your Staff Can Help The Community

23rd July 2015

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Many businesses across the country encourage their staff to take part in social enterprises or charitable events throughout the year and groups or workers with branded t-shirts on doing their bit for the community are becoming a common sight in our towns and cities. There are loads of ways in which your staff can help keep your local area clean and tidy, free of waste whilst also promoting really environmentally-friendly practices around waste management.

Parks and open spaces are often really happy for volunteers to help them out with planting flowers, clearing up rubbish and painting fences and the such. It makes a huge difference to the community by making the area a more pleasant place to be in as well as the obvious environmental benefits of picking up waste and planting new flowers, trees and other plants which are great for the air as well as providing habitats for wildlife.


Speaking of wildlife, lakes and ponds often become dumping grounds for litter and getting a group together to pull on some waders and take a net out into the water under the guidance of the ranger or park manager will mean that fewer fish, waders, amphibians and other animals will become trapped in debris as well as keeping the water healthier and stopping pollution.

Schools are great places for your staff to volunteer, they can work with groups of children (with a teacher present and necessary security checks completed) to take bins out, plant new things in the garden, do upcycling projects and generally work with the children doing projects which encourage them to take ownership of their environment and understand the importance of waste management without any lengthy and boring lectures!

Crowd mentality can be a really positive thing, so once a few of your staff members have signed up to volunteer, more will surely follow and we’re willing to bet they’ll get a great deal of satisfaction from the work they do in the community. Who wouldn’t want to see cleaner parks, prettier flowers and less litter on the floor?

For help and advice about all aspects of waste management, call 707 Resource Management today and see how we can help.


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