How Can Waste Help Charities?

20th July 2015

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As a company, you undoubtedly have a waste management plan in place which takes into account general waste, recycling and any other types of waste that is generated, but have you thought about using your waste to help charities? That might sound a little strange but there are many ways in which you can take your business’ unwanted refuse donate it to help those in need.

Electrical good such as computers are high turnaround products in this modern world of ever-developing technologies, but a piece of equipment considered out of date to you company may help a school, social enterprise or grassroots company get a foot on the technological ladder as a way of training and teaching people how to use modern developments such as the internet and software. Organisations such as Computers for Charities will refurbish your old equipment and find new homes for it, where it will be hugely beneficial for those in need, both in the UK and abroad.


Food waste can be a huge problem for the environment because it releases dangerous methane into the atmosphere. You can donate edible food such as excess stock to food banks and homeless shelters, or how about looking for a volunteer allotment committee in your area? Scraps can go on to compost heaps which will in turn be used to grow fruit and vegetables with many volunteer schemes across the country providing inner city residents with the opportunity to grow their own produce.

Mobile phones and ink cartridges can be sent to charities using collection boxes and recycling them will result in donations to the charity. It’s a really simple process which can make a huge difference. These recycling services are generally free and your company can choose the charity of their choice to receive the donations.

There are many different ways for your company to help charities both in the UK and abroad. Not only are you helping people in need, but in the process you are cutting your company’s carbon footprint and reducing waste management costs by not throwing as much into waste collection bins. It truly is a win-win situation! For the items that can’t be sent to a charity, call 707 Resource Management and let us help you to reduce your waste management costs today.

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