5 Delicious Recipes Using Food Scraps

27th July 2015

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Think that food scraps have to go into the bin? Think again! Here at 707 Resource Management we’re all about working towards a zero waste future and we want to help companies and individuals achieve this. If you’re aiming to go green, you’re probably putting a lot of your food waste on to the compost heap, but how about using some of those leafy veg tops and Sunday roast leftovers to make tasty new meals?
Here are our top 5 ways to use food scraps in new recipes:

  1. Had corn on the cobs for your summer BBQ? Don’t throw the cobs away, when they’re simmered in water they release the most delicious milky liquid which makes a gorgeous stock and is much healthier than ones you buy in the supermarkets.
  2. Watermelon is a fantastic thirst-quencher in the heat but instead of throwing the rinds away, pickle them! They’re completely safe to eat and the pickled rinds will last ages.
  3. If you’ve bought of picked a bunch of herbs to cook with, only to have perfectly healthy ones left over, don’t throw them away or leave them to wilt in the fridge. Cut your herbs up, place them in ice cube trays and pour oil over them then freeze for handy portions of herby oil to use whenever you fancy. You’re welcome!
  4. Apple cores can go on the compost heap, but not too many because of their acid content. Don’t throw them away though, you can make a really delicious apple jam with them which is full of apple goodness.
  5. If you’re peeling your potatoes for staff lunches or a meal for the family, don’t throw away the peels because they can make a tasty treat with very minimal effort. Fry them in a little oil and voila, you have potato peel crisps, we told you it didn’t require much effort!
Apple Jam

Apple Jam

There are loads of ways to reduce your food waste and minimise the amount of methane that you are prospectively releasing into the atmosphere, so do a bit of research and find out how you could not only be helping the environment, but also saving money on waste management services costs and creating really lovely food from the scraps you used to throw away.

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