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12th June 2015

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We have two questions for you today: Have you ever really thought about what happens to your commercial waste once it is placed into the bin? Possibly not, but here at 707 Resource Management it is our job to collect, sort and dispose of commercial, medical, hazardous and all other waste types as well as mixed recycling. Secondly, are you a Kent-based business with strong ethics and a desire to minimise the amount of waste that you are sending to landfill? If so, then read on!

We’re sure that all companies are keen to reduce the negative impact that they potentially have on the environment and when you business operates from a county as beautiful as Kent you’ll be wanting to secure that beauty for generations to come. How can 707 help you with that goal? Let us tell you.

The cycle of waste management begins with an item being thrown in a rubbish bin, but that is simply the start of a very long journey and how that journey continues is entirely dependent upon the waste management procedures you have in place. Did you know that in 2013/14, 18.17% of Kent’s household waste went to landfill, compared with 75% a decade ago? Although this is household rather than commercial waste, it shows that good refuse management plans can be put in place to make a massive difference to the environment. Not only does a reduction in landfill waste help the environment, but better and more efficient recycling can also make a huge difference to your company’s purse strings; With an average 4-10% of companies’ annual turnover estimated to be spent on refuse services, any reduction in these costs can be significant.

We recommend that a company conduct a full waste audit in order to assess what is being thrown away and how. We can help you to identify where rubbish is being incorrectly disposed of and what can be done to improve this. Simple changes such as having easily identifiable bins for recycling, general waste and medical waste, for example, can help employees to dispose of rubbish correctly.

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We can also help you to understand what can be recycled, as many materials now can be but you or your employees may not know what can or cannot be placed into your recycling bins. Our expert knowledge of the are makes us a clear choice when looking for waste management services in Kent and we can tell you exactly what can be put in each bin that your company has to ensure that nothing is being sent to landfill unnecessarily.

The question now is, what have you got to lose? Our answer: Nothing! Yet you have a lot to gain in making sure that your company’s refuse collection is as good as it can be. We use the latest technology as well as our expert knowledge to give you the most up-to-date information and advice.

Call us today to see how we can help you to keep Kent beautiful and save you money in the process.

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