Working Together to Keep Sheffield Green

20th June 2015

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Did you know that Sheffield is thought to have more trees than any other European city? That is something to be really proud of but more importantly, it is something that needs to remain that way. With a fascinating history as a leader of industry, Sheffield has a reputation to be proud of and moving forward, we want to work with you to make the future even brighter and certainly even greener.


Pollution can play a major part in harming trees and wildlife, but it is not just cars and other vehicles that cause pollution. Waste can have catastrophic effects upon the environment, not least through the emission dangerous greenhouse gases such as methane. Food waste in particular releases high levels of methane, so if sat atop a landfill site or in a bin for too long without being treated appropriately, the impact can be huge over the years.

Here at 707 Resource Management, we want to help local businesses in Sheffield become as economically friendly as they possibly can and in return, we will be as friendly on the company’s purse strings as we can! Through tailored waste management plans from our expert staff and suppliers, we can help companies reduce the amount of waste that they send to landfill and increase the amount of recycling and reusing of products done.

When you work with 707, you not only get a company whose technology is at the forefront of the industry, but you also get a designated expert as a sole point of contact with whom you can discuss all of your needs and queries. You will be secure in the knowledge that due to our network of local suppliers, no additional trucks will be put on the road to fulfil your refuse collection services yet at the same time your collections will be efficient.

You probably haven’t thought too much about what happens to your rubbish once it’s in the bin, yet you are probably keen to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We can address the point of refuse going into the bin through a full waste audit which will identify any areas in which improvements can be made. We can then provide any necessary bins and advice to enable your company to be putting the right rubbish in the right bins. We’ll then arrange your collections and you can be secure in the knowledge that everything we do, the ways in which we work, are all for the greater good of protecting this wonderful world of ours, including the wonderful city of Sheffield and all of the great amenities and services that are on offer here.

If you want your business to be a part of Sheffield’s green future then call us today and speak to one of our expert staff members who will discuss your needs and how we can accommodate them. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to keep Sheffield and your business economically, financially and environmentally secure for years to come.

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