Why Choose 707 For Waste Management in Leeds?

22nd June 2015

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707 Resource Management is a company with exceptionally high standards and a passion for what we do. So, what do we do and why are we doing it in Leeds? Well, first of all we really love the city, but obviously there is a lot more to it than that so read on and see if we can inspire you to take a closer look at how your waste management practices can be improved.

As an award-winning waste management company, 707 are committed to using the newest technologies to help companies across all industries and sectors to dispose of their waste more effectively – effectively for their finances, the environment and the local area. Improving the ways in which rubbish is disposed of really is a win-win thing that will benefit people, wildlife and the environment as a whole.

Leeds is an area that we are proud to be strengthening our business in. It’s a vibrant place and we want to help keep it that way by working with the businesses that make Leeds such a great city to live in, work in, study in and visit.


Central to our philosophy is the goal to become the most ethical, environmental and customer-focused business in the UK. We aim to achieve this by continuing to build our network of local suppliers and by working with local companies to reduce the costs of their waste management plans whilst helping them work towards greener practices and a long-term goal of zero waste ending up in landfill. It is achievable and we want to help you to do so.

Leeds truly has something for everyone and businesses across the city are aiming for greener ways of conducting their work on the back of an innovative industrial history. A part of this lies in how industrial waste is disposed of and from Leeds’ strong NHS and healthcare industry to its tourism and its financial offices, each and every company could benefit from improving their waste management plans and services.

Not only can we provide refuse bins for all types of waste, not only can we use our network of local suppliers to collect them to a timetable that suits the needs of your business, but we can also conduct full waste audits to identify where changes could be made to cut the cost of your services as well as the impact that your rubbish is having on the environment.

There are numerous ways to reduce the amount of general waste being disposed of, from improved recycling habits to upcycling unwanted products, using food waste for compost and reusing items such as water bottles. We can help you to find the solutions that will best suit your business and anything that does still need putting in a bin will be put in the correct one thanks to our supply of all types of waste bin.

So from hazardous or medical waste through to food waste, cardboard to glass and metal, speak to one of our friendly, expert staff members today to find out how we can work with you to be a part of a greener and healthier Leeds for the future.

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