Upcycling to Make Waste Beautiful!

5th June 2015

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Colleagues, schools, families… Everyone throws rubbish away but have you ever considered what else you may be able to do with it instead? With a growing awareness of the negative impacts that sending waste to landfill has upon the environment, recycling is on the increase and so is upcycling, where unwanted products are used to create fantastic new products.

We’ve found some brilliant ideas. all of which can be done relatively easily and would make a great team-building project in a workplace.

Hungarian upcycler lilidili makes fantastic drawstring bags from materials including old duvet covers and tablecloths and her advice is to be flexible and not stick to a set design plan. If you take a look at the materials you have around you and open your mind, you can come up with something brilliant!

If you’ve recently bought a new white goods item, the chances are it was delivered on a pallet, but before you break it up and take it to a waste disposal site, have you considered making yourself a pallet coffee table. Such a simple and stunning idea, you can find full instructions on how to make it here.

Thumbnail for We love this innovative way of #upcycling! http://t.co/AWVcHBwrYc

Nottingham social enterprise group Upcycle4U  is part of the Making Links program which aims to promote inclusivity in work and raise awareness of disability. The team is made up of several adults with learning disabilities who make upcycled products including clocks and office supplies to sell on their eBay page. We love their vinyl record clock which would look great anywhere from an office to a retro-inspired bedroom or living area.

You don’t have to be a world-class artist or visionary to upcycle and if you work as a team to embrace collective creativity you can achieve something new whilst helping out the environment. We would love to know what you come up with!

Don’t forget, for the bits of waste you can’t upcycle, we can help you to dispose of them in the best possible way, so get in touch for a personalised quote for waste management solutions and services. Together, we can work towards the goal of zero waste going to landfill.

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