The Hierarchy of Waste Management

15th June 2015

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Waste management is not as simple as throwing unwanted stuff away and forgetting about it, the way in which you dispose of refuse can have huge impacts upon the environment, your company’s finances and your local area. Consider if you will, living and working in a town where nobody reused or recycled a single item of waste, the chances are that a landscape of black bin bags would begin to appear between waste collection times, releasing dangerous methane into the atmosphere. Once the refuse was collected, it would be taken to a landfill site which would be full to the brim in no time. Collection costs would be high and local moral would be low.

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The good news is that this does not ever have to happen! By carefully analysing your refuse habits through a waste audit from 707, then putting waste management plans into place, you can work to the greener end of the hierarchy of waste, reducing your disposal costs, preventing unnecessary additions to landfill and creating a cleaner, healthier environment. Here’s how it works:

The Hierarchy of Waste Management

Basically, prevention of waste is the best option and disposal of waste is least favoured, with the middle grounds being ways to minimise, reuse and recycle followed by waste that does need to be sent to landfill being used to create energy. It’s a simple idea – try not to throw anything away, but if you do need to then see if it can be reused or recycled in some way before heading down the path of general waste and landfill. We have found brilliant upcycling products that would make a great team building exercise and you’ll probably be surprised by just how much you can recycle too.

Food waste is a big one because it releases methane which is a dangerous greenhouse gas. You don’t have to throw your food waste away though, there are loads of great ways to use food scraps and off cuts so get creative before you open the waste bin lid.

We can help you with all of your waste management needs, so give us a call to find out how we can help you to become more efficient with your waste and more green with your practices. From bins and collections to audits and reducing waste disposal costs, our experts will provide the best solutions for you and your business.

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