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16th June 2015

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At 707, we believe that local people know their area better than anyone else, which is why we work with local suppliers to provide the best possible level of service to each and every one of our customers. We don’t own a single truck because we think that there are more than enough on the roads to cater for everyone. Instead, we build relationships with local suppliers in and around Sheffield who will meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Sheffield is a vibrant, exciting place with wonderful amenities and we are now even stronger in this fantastic city, with a view to becoming the number one choice of waste management companies for businesses all across Sheffield. We will do this not only by working with local suppliers, but by being the best at what we do and by using the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that as a company, your waste management plan, bin collection services and all aspects of your disposal needs are met.

We believe that the people of Sheffield are as pleased as we are to see the regeneration that the city is going through. We want to be a part of that by keeping it green in every sense of the word by working with local businesses to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and helping waste management become more efficient to both the environment and company finances.

We are an award-winning company and our goal is to achieve zero waste to landfill. Many companies are striving to achieve this now and our dedicated team can help you work towards it too. Through improved recycling and reusing of products, it is possible that no waste whatsoever has to go to landfill. Whilst this is still a work in progress, we can conduct waste audits which will help your business understand what it can change in order to reduce waste, which will also reduce your refuse collection costs in turn.

With its many fantastic restaurants, venues, parks and galleries, Sheffield is a magnificent place to visit and it’s amazing trees and gardens need not be ruined by dangerous greenhouse gases or spoilt by unsightly black bins lying around. By working together, collection services across the city can be completely efficient and economical, keeping costs down and reducing the carbon footprint of the city.


We want to work with you, which is why we have extended our waste management services in Sheffield. We can provide waste and recycling bins that cater for all types of industrial waste including hotels and hospitality, medical and hazardous waste, recycling and electrical waste. We supply all types and sizes of bins so whatever your needs, we can accommodate them.

Sheffield has a rich history and we think it was a bright future too. By growing our services in the area, 707 Resource Management will be a part of that future. Call us today to see how we can help your business; you will have your own point of contact for all enquiries and access to a sophisticated online tracking system which allows you to see all aspects of your chosen services without having the slog of managing them yourself.

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