Join in With Recycle Week 2015

23rd June 2015

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June 22nd to 28th marks Recycle Week 2015, the 12th annual week organised by Recycle Now to encourage better recycling habits across the nation. Although this year’s theme is recycling around the home, the point of it is to raise awareness about the fact that you can recycle many, many more things than you may realise and that is a great lesson which could help households and industries alike to improve their recycling habits.

You may well have read our recent article about why you should recycle, but do you know exactly what you can recycle? This is where we can help! You probably already have some sort of waste management plan in place as well as bins for general waste, recycling, food waste and clinical waste if appropriate to your business, but are the right refuse items always ending up in the correct bins?

Recycle Week 2015, Be a Recycling Superhero!


707 Resource Management can provide all types of bins to suit the needs of every type of business but they’re a bit of a waste – pun intended – if the wrong rubbish is going into them. We can conduct a full waste audit at your business to identify where improvements can be made by seeing what is being disposed of and how, then analysing the results. From staff unknowingly throwing recyclable items into general waste bins to products that could be reused being thrown away, we can help you to help yourselves which will lead to reduced waste management costs for your company and a lower carbon footprint upon the environment.

So back to that question about what can be recycled. To some extent, this can vary from city to city but because 707 have expert teams providing waste management across the country we can offer advice that is tailored to your company and your location. Did you know, for example, that you can recycle batteries? Or that leftover paint can become new paint? Recycling is not limited to paper, cardboard and glass so for expert advice, recycling bins and an efficient waste management plan, contact us today and let’s use Recyle Week 2015 to make a better, greener future for your company.

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