How To Cut Business Waste Costs

25th June 2015

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With the best will in the world, all types of businesses create waste and that waste needs collecting. Whether it be recycling bins, food or medical waste, it has to go somewhere, so how can you reduce the costs of your company’s waste management services?

We would always recommend a waste audit to our customers because this identifies where products are being disposed of incorrectly. If, for example, products that could be recycled are in fact being disposed of in general waste bins then not only will your company be sending more to landfill, the costs of doing so will be higher because there is a greater quantity and weight of waste. Simple measure such as education, easily-identifiable bins for different waste types and reusing products such as water bottles, paper and carrier bags all have huge and positive impacts.

Food waste is an abundant one, staff eat in canteens or bring their own food to work and much of it will end up in general waste. Did you know that food releases a lot of methane which is dangerous for the environment? Take a look here for some clever ways to reduce food waste, including composting and even beauty treatments!

Food Waste Bin

Energy can also count as waste; does your company leave lights on overnight or at the weekend? Switch them off! Computers and other machines should also be switched off, which will make a difference to electricity costs.

Finished with a product? Recycle, donate, upcycle… There are so many ways in which you can avoid putting it into your industrial waste bins and costing your company money. Here at 707 Resource Management we have an expert team who can advise simple and effective ways for your company to reduce costs, reduce the amount of refuse sent to landfill and boost greener and more environmentally-friendly waste management policies.

Call 707 Resource Management today on 08454 707 707 and speak to one of our team who will be able to give you tailored advice and create a waste management plan in cooperation with local teams who will provide you with exceptional services using modern technology and expert knowledge.



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