How Can We Improve Industrial Waste Management?

12th June 2015

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Companies have a lot to think about, from staffing to business models, finances and technology to name but a few. Amongst all of these responsibilities, waste management is an important thing to consider too, but an effective disposal and recycling plan can make everything tick over with minimal stress. It may seem as if there’s not much more to it than rubbish being dumped in a bin, trucks coming to remove those bins and replacing them with empty ones, but there is a lot that can be done to improve waste management and new methods and technologies are always coming out.

On a national level, the government is working towards a zero waste economy and we at 707 are fully supportive of this initiative. We believe that much more can be done to reuse and recycle waste, making landfill an absolute last resort. With major companies such as Unilever already achieving this fantastic goal, the proof is there that it can be done if companies and individuals can change the mindset that products are bought, used then disposed of. It is a national and global mindset that will undoubtedly prove the biggest barrier here because the concept of not throwing things in a general waste bin probably seems quite daunting after many generations of doing just that.Circular Economy Impacts Waste Management

More can, however be done. Just this week, Dulux paint manufacturers AkzoNobel has this week urged the UK government to improve incentives for manufacturers to increase use of renewable or low-carbon technologies amongst other things. AkzoNobel says that the 55 millions litres of paint annually sent to landfill could in fact be recycled and used in the production of new paint and these sorts of ideas are what is needed. Big plans such as AzkoNobel’s are great, but even on a smaller level, teams can work together to upcycle products, food waste can be composted and with simple measures your landfill waste will reduce.

Every single person and company can effect change. 707 wants to help your business to become as environmentally friendly as possible and this can be achieved through waste audits, personalised waste management plans and a service which uses the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that pricing, collection and disposal is accurate and efficient. Call us today to see how we can help.

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