‘Top 10′ Ways To Avoid Business Waste #8: Engage Employees in Workplace Recycling

1st May 2015

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Teamwork and team spiritThere are approximately 4.9 million private sector businesses employing an estimated 25.5 million people in the UK, and an additional 5.39 million people working in the public sector.

Employees on the front line are the driving force behind successful and effective recycling and engaging the entire workforce in recycling initiatives will be key to reducing business waste.

We conducted a survey recently which told us that the main motivation for recycling in the workplace, chosen by 60% of people, is because of care for the environment, with only 4% of people doing it because it’s enforced. But despite this, only 11% of people recycle more at home than at work.

This tells us that there’s much work to be done, and business benefits to be reaped, from engaging employees in workplace sustainability. Here’s some simple tips to get started:

1. Set clear waste and recycling objectives

2. Involve your workforce in developing initiatives so that they feel a part of the process and a sense of ownership towards achieving the objectives

3. Educate employees in the recycling procedures

4. Make it convenient by clearly labeling bins and placing them in visible areas

5. Nominate a waste champion, somebody who is responsible for championing recycling and driving change

6. Add a competitive element – keep a record of recycling rates by department and who is leading the way on changes

7. Incentivise recycling! Is your business made up of more than one office? Why not offer a departmental prize for the team with the highest recycling rate or least waste to landfill?

Like they say, there’s strength in numbers! Has your workplace come together to implement effective recycling and waste initiatives? Do you have any tried and tested methods for engaging employees in recycling? Share your ideas with us @707RM or comment below. If you’re looking for cost-effective waste management, contact us for a free quote.

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