Six Surprising Facts About Recycling

8th May 2015

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We all know that it is important to have good recycle and waste management habits, but is that as far as your knowledge on the subject ends? Many people don’t really think about what happens to their recycling or what exactly the benefit is aside from trying not to overload landfill sights, so here are six facts about recycling that you may be surprised to read.

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  1. Up to a whopping 70% of the rubbish that ends up in general waste could be recycled. Undertaking an audit by a waste management service such as 707 Resource Management and implementing a good mixed recycling system can help to reduce this, saving you money and the environment from unnecessary refuse waste.
  2. Recycled paper produces far less air pollution than that made from raw materials – 73% less to be exact. You can buy recycled paper from many stationery retailers and also use efficient paper recycling systems to dispose of unwanted paper in the home or business.
  3. Steel can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of quality to the product. So you can recycle your recycled steel products such as food cans, just remember to wash out any food waste first.
  4. Aluminium is the most cost-effective material to recycle with up to 95% energy savings. So it’s important to make sure you are using the correct waste recycling bins.
  5. Less than a third of the UK’s 170 million yearly purchased electrical items are recycled at the end of their life. Correct electrical disposal can make a huge difference, ask for our expert advice about how to dispose of your electrical items.
  6. If all of the UK’s annual clothing and textile waste was made into a tower, it would be three times the height of Canary Wharf Tower! Textile recycling companies can make good use of your 1 million tonnes of disposed clothing.

Did you know any of those already? It really highlights the importance of good recycling management systems, something that 707 can help you with. Get in touch to find out how we can help you to save money, energy and the environment with simple and effective measures.

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