How Can You Reduce Your Food Waste

18th May 2015

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Whether you are at home or work, many people will simply throw their unwanted food in the general waste bin and think nothing more of it, but did you know that large quantities of the methane released into our atmosphere from landfill sites comes from food waste? This means that reducing the amount of food waste sent to landfill will be massively beneficial to the environment.
Probably the easiest way to dispose of many food items is by composting them. You don’t need anything fancy, just a simple compost bin into which you can throw egg shells, tea bags, fruit cores and skin, vegetable scraps, bread and grains. It is important to either uses a completely enclosed bin with a lid or, if adding straight to a growing plot or compost pile, then cover each layer of food waste with soil. This stops rodents, flies and other unwanted guests from helping themselves.
Food Waste Bin
Once your food waste has decomposed, you will have rich, healthy compost available for your garden and vegetable patch, perfect! Speaking of which, onion bottoms that get discarded can be planted to make new onions and those sprouting potatoes that don’t look too appetising can be buried into your veg patch or a potato sack to grow fresh potatoes, brilliant!

Some food items that get thrown away can actually be reused in the kitchen. A chicken carcass from your Sunday roast can be used to make stock, likewise vegetable tops can make a tasty broth. Tomato scraps can become tomato sauce and citrus peels make great infusers for spirits and vinegar.

Food scraps can make excellent health and beauty home remedies too, did you know that potato peel can help to treat warts? Or that carrot peel can be turned into an oil which is full of amazing vitamins to improve your skin?

Food waste recycling and reusing isn’t difficult yet 40% of food waste ends up in UK landfill sites every year, so much more can be done by all individuals and all businesses to make zero food waste a real possibility. 707 are keen supporters of the Zero Food Waste Plan and would be happy to advise your business about how to improve your waste management systems.

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