Corporate Responsibility and Waste Management

20th May 2015

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Businesses have a lot of responsibilities and one which will have changed greatly over recent years is waste management. As technologies, awareness and research have given us greater knowledge about how the refuse we throw into rubbish bins can impact upon the planet, so companies need to do as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste that they send to landfill every year.

Teamwork and team spiritCardboard, paper, ink cartridges, glass, plastic, batteries and even food waste, plus many more common industry items, can all be reused or recycled very simply and effectively rather than being picked up in your business refuse collection and taken to landfill. Most people now are aware that a great many different items and materials can be recycled but as a company, there is a corporate responsibility to put in place an efficient commercial waste management plan which staff can follow in order to dispose of their rubbish correctly.

Reduce your business waste costs as well as your business rates

Research has shown that companies spend anything between 4 and 10% of their annual turnover on waste removal, which is a huge amount and can be reduced. A waste audit will help to identify where savings can be made based on weighing bins throughout the business to analyse what is being thrown away that could be recycled or reused. From an audit, a detailed waste management plan can be put together which will reduce costs and help to put the right rubbish in the right place.

Corporate responsibility in this situation comes down to managing social and environmental factors effectively and providing employees with the means to do the same. Your staff are responsible for disposing of their own waste as far as putting it into a bin, but having the correct bins is vital if you are going to redirect that waste to the correct place. Having easily identifiable recycling bins, hazardous waste bins, general waste and food waste bins will all help to ensure that things are disposed of correctly. A composter is also a fantastic way to get rid of garden and food waste without any expense of having it removed by a waste management company.

Call us today for a free quote to see how we can help you to create a financially and environmentally friendly waste management plan.

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