Catering and Hospitality Sector Addresses Waste Challenge

11th May 2015

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Food Waste BinThe UK catering and hospitality sector is responsible for wasting 920,000 tonnes of food waste each year, worth over £2bn. Now an electronic scale, developed by Winnow, is revolutionising the way the sector deals with waste and aims to cut food waste in half.

Winnows predicts that kitchens are spending as much on food waste as they make in net profits! This innovative new waste technology will automatically weigh food waste and send a message to the user estimating the cost.

The smart meter will give chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers a better insight into the quantity and cost of the food they’re wasting and highlight opportunities for cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Eleven kitchens from the Restaurant Association are piloting the technology are have reduced waste by 50% – totalling over 10,000 plate meals a year. The Restaurant Association plans to roll out the technology to 30 restaurants by June 2015.

Winnow predicts its technology has saved £1,017,600 in food waste costs, which converts to 678,400 meals.

Have you taken steps to reduce food waste? Do you think weight technology would be an effective way of inspiring change within your kitchen? Tell us your thoughts via the comment box below or via Twitter @707RM. To find out more about how we can help you to reduce business waste, contact us.

Photo courtesy of USDAgov (Flickr).

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