Businesses Need to Sink Their Teeth Into New Recycling Legislation

13th May 2015

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Welsh Recycling

                New Recycling Laws for Wales

The new recycling laws being put forward in Wales are food for thought for many businesses across a range of sectors as the government looks to improve on the current rates of business recycling.

This new environmental bill will mean that schools, hospitals and businesses will now have to separate their waste. The introduction of mandatory separation is perhaps the biggest outcome from the announcement, but with the bill taking over three years to create, there are a number of issues that could now affect you as a business or a consumer

Designed to improve on the current estimated business waste recycling rates of 38%, here are some of the highlights and major takeaways from the bill:

– Extending the 5p charges on supermarket carrier bags to “bags for life

– Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will be tasked with reporting on how well we are looking after nature, land, water and air – with a five-yearly report which will inform policy.

– Businesses, schools and hospitals will be expected to separate card, wood and food wastes by 2017.

– Five yearly targets on cutting greenhouse gas emissions – and by at least 80% by 2050.

– A ban on food waste ending up in sewers – to stop the likes of “fatbergs” developing like the one found in Cardiff earlier this year.

– NRW will also have to produce area reports on the “bigger picture” of local environments.

Wales has set an ambitious and impressive waste recycling target of 70% for households and businesses by 2025. For now, the main impacts on Welsh businesses, whether they work in the care, hospitality, retail or catering sector, is that they will now be expected to separate card, wood and food waste. With a deadline of 2017, many SME’s will have to immediately begin to re-evaluate their waste management efforts.

To find out how the new environmental bill and waste & recycling legislation affects you and your business, the full report can be found here. In light of this announcement, whether you’re based in Aberystwyth, Cardiff or somewhere in between, we’re here if you need to discuss your own waste management needs, contact us for a free, no-obligation, quote.

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