What happens to waste at landfill

21st April 2015

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste one it gets taken away by the bin men? There are thousands of landfill sites all over the country, run by local councils and some are privately owned. As we populate, more rubbish is being created, meaning the country us rapidly running out of space. Some sites were previously quarries and once the work has finished, the contractors can use as a landfill site.

Waste is compacted, a layer of plastic and soil is used to cover and protect the site to encourage prevention of leaks. Unfortunately, leaks occur due to regular items such as vinegar and alcohol as they degrade the protective layers.

Landfill Tax Rates and Waste Management ServicesThe world has changed over the years, we are now able to use the greenhouse gases (methane) given off by the waste and change it into electricity through turbines, not just a huge hole in the ground. Once the landfill site it full, it is reviewed and monitored by the site manager.

Cells are used at the landfill site, all rubbish put into one cell at a time, a tractor with spiked wheels flattens and compacts the rubbish to squeeze our any air and use as much space as possible. The rubbish is covered with a layer of soil which prevents birds eating it or it blowing away. Most site plant trees on top and create an area of grass/ farmland. Making sure the area is usable again is a positive part of landfill, this is the main reason it is so important to review what is in your office or household waste before it gets sent to landfill.

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Methane can be a potent gas, it can be prevented by food wastes, garden waste and paper being recycled instead of put with household waste.

It is so important that we manage our waste correctly and efficiently to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, help the environment and lower the costs that come with it too.

Any items, such as white goods or tyres that are able to be recycled are outsourced to companies who collect and recycle elsewhere.

Contact us to find out how we can use a waste management plan to reduce the waste you send to landfill.

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