Top 10 Ways To Avoid Waste #7 – Avoid Food Waste

21st April 2015

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FoodThe environmental consequences of sending avoidable waste to landfill is a topic we’ve frequently discussed here at 707. In the UK, almost 15 million tonnes of food waste is generated each year and around 40 per cent of that is still disposed of via landfill.

You can do something to keep it out of the wheelie bin! Here are our top tips for avoiding food waste:

1) Develop an office lunch rota and eat as a team – cooking in bulk is cost effective and eating together is good for team building.

2) Use re-useable and sealable Tupperwares to keep things fresher for longer and avoid using throw away containers.

3) Portion control – more often than not our eyes are bigger than our bellies. Air on the side of caution and help your waist size as well as your waste size!

4) Beauty is on the inside – Up to 40 per cent of fruit or vegetable crops never make it on to plates because they are ‘ugly’.Don’t turn your back on the odd looking fruit and vegetables. It doesn’t matter what they look like, it matters what they taste like. Take a note from Asda’s campaign to champion wonky veg!

5) Shop smart – think ahead with recipes and plan meals for the week, buy loose vegetables rather than bagged to ensure you purchase only as much as you need and buy products with long shelf life.

6) Get creative with your leftovers – today’s mash potato could make tomorrow’s potato cakes, gnocchi or even croquettes. Check out BBC Good Food’s 10 ways to use up mash potato for inspiration.

7) Temperature check – is your fridge cold enough to preserve fresh produce for longer?

8) DONATE – if you’re never going to get around to eating that tinned soup, why not adopt a house clearance approach and give it to a food bank or food kitchen before it goes out of date? In 2013/14, 913,138 people sought emergency food supplies through a food bank.

9) Get green fingered! Spring has sprung and we’re already thinking about getting out in the garden. Why not build a compost heap to turn food waste into a resource. Your very own food recycling bin!

Can you recommend any tried and tested methods for reducing food waste? Have you made big reductions in food waste at either home or work? Give us your thoughts @707RM or comment below. If you’re looking for a solution to your waste management needs, contact us for a free quote.

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