‘Top 10’ Ways to Avoid Business Waste – Tip #5

2nd April 2015

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Wine Bottle Candle HolderTop Tip #5: Reuse!

More often than not the topic of waste disposal, more specifically the issue of preventing waste to landfill, comes back to the subject of recycling and converting waste products into another reusable material.

However, recycling isn’t the only solution to preventing waste and achieving a circular economy. Many of the items we discard after use can serve another purpose or be used repeatedly, reducing waste disposal costs and cutting back on business/household purchasing costs.

Here are our top tips for re-using your unwanted items:

1) Keep hold of your incoming packaging, such as envelopes and boxes, and use them again when posting parcels

2) Put your printed documents and reports to good use by using them as scrap paper

3) 3 billion plastic carrier bags were used by customers of UK supermarkets in 2013. Save your plastic carrier bags and reuse them for your next shop and turn your paper bags into gift bags or wrapping paper

4) Get your creativity flowing and turn those empty wine bottles into decorative vases or candle holders

5) Your empty jars and tubs can make handy containers to store coins or keys in, or if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, use them to preserve your culinary masterpieces.

6) Your old baked bean or soup tins can make innovative and trendy plant pots

7) Before you send last season’s wardrobe off in a bin bag, consider whether it’d make a dashing textile item such as a cushion cover, patchwork blanket or a tea cosy. WRAP estimates that 670,000 tonnes of furniture and 310,000 tonnes of textiles are disposed of by UK households annually!

Do you have any creative ideas for reusing your unwanted items? Has your office introduced any initiatives for reusing waste? Share your top tips with us @707RM or comment below. Looking to save money on your business’ waste management costs? Contact us for a free quote.

Image courtesy of Will Jackson (Flickr)

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