Sainsbury’s: Ahead of the waste game again this Easter

2nd April 2015

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Sainsbury’s is one step ahead once again this Easter, becoming the first UK retailer to roll out an Easter egg packaging recycling facility.

As part of its initiative to cut the amount of household waste going to landfill, the supermarket will extend the recycling facility to 400 stores after its trial in 50 last year and customers will be able to recycle all elements of their chocolate egg’s packaging – including plastic, film, card, foil and ribbon.

Manufacturers have taken steps to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging used for our chocolate eggs over the past few years, with chocolate giants Nestlé removing 175 tonnes of packaging from its Easter egg range this year with no reduction in the size of its eggs. In 2012, the chocolate manufacturers became the first major confectioner to announce that its entire range of Easter egg packaging would be 100% recyclable and have no plastic packaging!

However, Easter eggs still generate an estimated staggering 3,000 tonnes of waste in the UK each year according to WRAP and Sainsbury’s are aiming to help combat this. Sainsbury’s head of sustainability, engineering, energy and environment, Paul Crewe, said: “The Easter egg recycling bin helps at a busy time when there might be an increase in household waste that can be put to positive use – particularly as it allows for materials like rigid plastic which might not be universally accepted elsewhere.”

We love Sainsbury’s continued efforts to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill despite pressures on the industry during these busy periods. Have you spotted an innovative approach from an industry to reduce their environmental footprint? Share your weird and wonderful waste management solutions with us via Twitter @707RM or the comment section below. For a free quote on your own business waste, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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