Recycling: What you need to know, what you can recycle and other simple ideas

14th April 2015

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As part of our waste management collections for small and corporate business we also offer recycling. We endeavour to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and can help all our customers with a few simple solutions.

It is worth looking into what we can collect from you. Well pretty much anything but we can also work with you to reduce commercial waste at the source too to make sure you are only disposing what you need to.

Before you start to recycle it’s a great idea to think about what your office space can reuse too. More often than not the majority of office waste is paper that can be used as scrap note paper. However we understand that most paperwork may be confidential waste and so as is the nature with many businesses this cannot be done.

Water bottles are another big recycle challenge. Why not encourage staff to bring their own water bottle in? Maybe give incentives to those that do use those at the water cooler rather than a throwaway plastic cup each day.

Knowing what you can and can’t recycle may surprise you – it might be time to remind staff too! Why not make a list and put it in a visible area like kitchens and near the main bins used in your workspace.

Support the local art community by offering recyclable items for art work. It isn’t just paints and pencils and your recyclables could really help your local art college or GCSE student too!

Companies often have big electronics that could go further too. Obviously you’ll need to wipe any data from these but it is worth thinking outside the box and offering to local community groups or even tech based courses at your local university could see your electronics having a new lease of life.

If in doubt though we are always happy to help you and discuss what you can and can’t recycle as your larger items come up. In the meantime though for those recurring recyclables like cardboard waste check out our handy bins and containers for all your business waste disposal needs.

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